What exactly is The Domestic Herald all about?

We are an online Domestic Employment Referral Service that works closely with a variety of sources to provide continuously updated, FRESH leads on the best domestic jobs across the country. We are also the perfect place to advertise your domestic and household job opportunities to a TARGETED audience. TDH also provides information, news, links, and more that may be of interest to domestics, household staff, household employers, etc.

How much does it cost to become a Member? 

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BUSINESSES: Are you being found in the Internet?

Are web surfers finding you on the internet? They are finding us! If you were an Advertising Sponsor, when surfers find us…they would find you, too! We have (and we continue to) put a lot of effort into being found on the internet. We appear high in the search engine listings for many terms that people use when looking for household jobs or household staff. How does your web site rank? If you advertise on our web site…our rankings will be your rankings!

Are all the jobs on your site from Employment Agencies?

NO – there is a combination from Agencies and Private Employers.

How often are new Jobs posted?

Obviously, on some days there will be more jobs than other days, and occasionally there will be days when we do not post any jobs, but, for the most part, new jobs are posted daily.

Why should I pay to use your services?

If you are a JOBSEEKER, we will save you time…why spend hours per day scouring the internet for job leads or leafing through Employment Classifieds when we’ve already done all the work for you and organized it in one location? Our membership fees are very modest. Consider The Domestic Herald as your personalized on-line publication for news, information, entertainment, and employment leads in the domestic industry.

If you are hiring domestic staff or household employees, or just want to advertise your business, the cost to advertise here is far less than the costs involved in advertising via traditional methods (newsprint classifieds, large NON-targeted web sites, etc.).

ALL THAT AND…Have you ever visited or tried to use totally free classified ad web sites? They are full of bogus offers and JUNK. By charging a modest membership fee, or job posting fee, we can keep the junk out and relevant information in.

Can I share my username/password with a friend?

No — we have tried to make our membership affordable for everyone. Please note that we do have software in place that will detect password abuse and temporarily disable your account until sharing is no longer detected. We do not offer refunds for accounts disabled due to sharing.

If I pay for a membership, do you guarantee that I will get a job?

We cannot promise you that you will get a job by becoming a member of this web site, but we can guarantee that you will find domestic employment job leads, interesting information, a place to network with others in your field, AND fantastic customer service (if you should ever need it).

What do the administrators of The Domestic Herald know about domestic employment?

We have been in the domestic field for many years and, like you, have often been on a search for employment. Our main complaint was that we had to spend so much time searching so many different sources just to find one job that interested us. We all agreed that we would have paid even more than we are charging just to have one good source of information. We have taken all the best information from many sources and brought it together in one place.

Can I contact you directly to inquire about jobs that might not be listed on your web site?

We are constantly updating the web site and it is very doubtful that we will know of any jobs that are not shown on the site.

Can you recommend a domestic placement agency for me to register with?

We are not directly affiliated with nor do we recommend any particular agency. Please visit our SPONSORS by clicking their banners that randomly rotate in all areas of the web site.

Why should I pay for a membership when I can contact domestic placement agencies directly to inquire about open positions?

Certainly, you can call all the agencies on a regular basis , but aren’t you tired of hearing “We have your information on file…we’ll call you…”? They have your resume, your bio, your application, your photo and multitudes of other information about you, but they also have the same info on everyone else looking for work. Why leave it up to the agencies to contact you? How often do they actually call? Log into The Domestic Herald daily to see what’s new! Contact that agency to inquire about a specific job you want that you saw on The Domestic Herald web site. We contact Sponsor Agencies on a regular basis to make sure posted jobs are current.

How can I post jobs on this web site?

Visit the Subscribe page and choose a membership option (details can be found on the Rates page). Once you are a member, Log In and you will be taken to the Members Home Page. On that page, you will find a link to Post Jobs. Click that link and you will be taken to the appropriate section to get started!

How long will it take before my jobs are viewable?

Classified Ads are viewable as soon as they are posted.

What if I don’t want to (or don’t have the time to) post my own jobs?

We offer Memberships for agencies or employers that will allow you to submit unlimited ads and we will do the work of posting and maintaining them. You will have access to the Member areas of the web site and will have the ability to view, edit, delete or post additional ads, if desired. Sponsor Members will be contacted on a regular basis with a list of their jobs and we will offer our assistance with editing/deleting/adding, etc.

Will you refund my membership fee if I don’t like your web site?

The short answer – No. We do not offer refunds for cancellations or partial months. What we do offer is a few different affordable membership choices so you can decide if The Domestic Herald is right for you. We spend a lot of time finding fresh information for this web site and the membership fees help us accomplish this. Would you return a newspaper after you read it just because you didn’t like the stories or didn’t find a job that was right for you in the Classifieds section? No! You would either stop buying that paper OR you would keep reading because eventually you might find something you can use. This web site is not much different in that we do frequent updates (much like a daily newspaper) and your nominal membership fee (much like the money you pay to buy that newspaper) pays for our expenses and time. If you don’t like what you find on the web site, let us know what you think we can do better. We are open to your suggestions and appreciate feedback about your experiences on this web site.

How do I cancel my Membership?

If you signed up for a monthly auto-renewing membership via Paypal, log into your Paypal account and cancel the subscription payment in the recurring payments dashboard. Most other membership will automatically cancel at the end of each membership term. You will then have the option to either renew or not.